Elements that make a great travel blog

Starting from August 2019, I’ll be back to work after one year of parental leave. Being back to work is interesting, but it also means that I’ll have less time for my blog, my Facebook page and my Instagram. However, that’s another story that I’ll share with you later.

Today, it’s all about what makes a great blog post, or even better, a successful travel blog!

Things that make a great travel blog

After all the tried-and-tested methods, style, layouts, etc., in my opinion, these are the three most critical elements that will make a great travel blog: Useful information, personality, and of course clear (if not beautiful) photos/illustration.

1. Useful information

I’ve recently watched a video clip on Youtube (in Vietnamese) about marketing. The Youtuber explained what marketing is and how it works in case of a vendor selling vegetables on the street, which is truly interesting to see and easy to understand, even for those who have no idea about it.

One of her ideas I found compelling was that via marketing, brands should bring value to their potential customers first and foremost, before asking them to bring value back to brands, meaning to buy products. The value here can either be educating value or relaxing one.

Apply it to the world of travel blogging and content marketing, and you’ll get the first secret of creating a great travel blog!

Normally, to a travel blog, educating value can be useful guides, tips, how-tos, and other up-to-date information and articles. Your blog should provide the readers with the latest news and information they’re searching for. Or it can be a funny blog featuring nice travel stories so that readers can feel relaxed by reading them.

Either way, make sure you provide people with useful information in every single blog post. Make your page a reliable source of information when it comes to your niche!

2. Personality

Your personality added in the blog is what makes you distinct from the others, including travel content producers, publishers, books, websites, TV shows, and so on.

You can write a super detailed and up-to-date and useful article about how to travel Europe on a budget, but since you just give information and facts without putting the real “you” in it, your blog will be considered as a blog version of Google or Wikipedia or something else out there.

Keyword: Share YOUR feeling!

I used to be the blogger who wrote that kind of informative blog posts without having any strong opinion or feeling in them, simply because I want to separate facts and feeling in two different things. It turned out that I was deadly wrong!

I struggled for a while to find ways to connect my feeling, how to put them down in the posts, and how to connect with my readers since they cannot connect with me either.

One day, I got that “Eureka” moment when I read a Facebook post from another travel blogger. He tried to combine the two things (facts and feeling) in his posts in such a nice way that readers can easily engage with his content. And that’s a big win!

Adding your personality and having a consistent writing style can make your blog standing out and each blog post more engaging, regardless of what kind of blogger you are.

3. Eye-catching photos

Well, since “a photo can say a thousand words”…

I think you get my point here. Do I have to write more about the importance of nice, beautiful photos/videos/illustration in the blogging world?

OK, I think I still want to say something here.

When I first started blogging, I used my photos for the blog. As I’m not any professional or enthusiastic photographer (or photo taker, to be precise), my photos were not as good as I expected. Yet I still used them because I had no other option. I didn’t have money for any photo stock subscription or anything like that.

Over time, I realised how bad photos can ruin my blog. People may click to read articles, but since the photos were too dulled or irrelevant, they lost their interest and finally dropped off.

Luckily, it has changed since I figured out that there are many websites that allow you to use their beautiful photos for free! All you have to do is to sign-up for a free account with Unsplash or to create an account and share your referral link to get months of a free premium account with Raw.

They are game-changers!

However, using free stock photos always come with both pro and contra…

Pro: Beautiful pictures. Some of them are even artistic. You don’t have to do any specific retouch at all, except for some special effects that suit your style, if any.

Contra: Lack of uniqueness, as everybody can download the same photos with you unless you pay for a premium account that gives you access to a wider range of choice and options. Also, if you’re a travel blogger and travel off-the-beaten-track, it can be harder for you to find photos of the places you’ve been to.

Besides these three elements, there are few other things that also contribute towards a great travel blog post:

  • Clear format and layout
  • Responsive theme (especially mobile-friendly)
  • Well-written, error-free
  • Nice length. You don’t want to scroll/swipe up forever to read a post. Nope!

I hope you find this short article useful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below. I’ll reach you back A.S.A.P.

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