7 FAQs about travel blogging

Nowadays, travel blogging is more than a hobby or a side hustle as it was, like, five or even ten years ago.

It has become a fashionable “job” that people want to have (or at least other travel bloggers made them think they want to be a travel blogger, too), just simply by “quit-my-9-to-5-boring-job-and-travel-the-world-ing”.

Since we’re talking about a job, travel blogging is as competitive as any other popular job out there, mate! There is no such job that you can both enjoy your life and make money and live happily ever after whatsoever.


Anyway, as a travel blogger and admin of a small group of Vietnamese bloggers community, I always get questions about travel blogging, both from those who want to become a travel blogger and those who already are bloggers but still unsure about their choice.

The today’s article is all about answering those questions. Enjoy reading!

7 FAQs about travel blogging

1. Do I have to be tech-savvy to become a blogger?


Let me tell you a little bit about myself!

In Vietnam, we need to have an A-level MS Office certification (plus other requirements) to fully graduate from university/college. At the age of 21 (back to 2010), I had no idea what to do with all the Excel stuff. I could have failed dramatically if I didn’t get some “help” from another girl in the room that day.

Years ago, I looked at a website/blog/somebody who owned a website with full admiration! I mean, how cool they were to own a website, right?

Coding and IT stuff were not my thing back then.

However, thank to the development of technology, the www, and services like SiteGround (for hosting and domain) and WordPress.org (for blogging), nowadays everyone can make a website of their own in less than 30 minutes.

Of course there a huge difference between having a web and having a nice, great web, but I mean, building up a web from scratch is not anything too tech-savvy or just-for-the-geeks.

Got stuck with SEO, HTML, CSS, online marketing, etc.? Google is there for you. You’re just a few clicks away from the vast knowledge from the internet.

It will take times. No doubt. But believe me, you can do it!

2. Do I have to travel a lot to become a travel blogger?

Not really!

Of course it would be great if you can travel a lot, meaning you’ll have many things to write about. But it doesn’t simply mean you have to travel a lot to be a travel blogger!

A travel blogger can write about how to prepare for a trip, how to save money to travel, how to pack like a pro, their wish list, how to apply for visa, just to name a few.

See, there are many things you can write for your blog. Just find some inspiration, do some research, hear from your readers, and you’ll figure it out.

3. What to write since the market is already saturated?

That’s when the importance of finding your niche ASAP sparks in.

Having a niche – a USP (unique selling point) – will help you and your blog stand out from the crowd and grow faster travel blogging without a niche. And just so that you know, travel is not a niche. Or at least it’s not as niche-ish as it should be.

If you want to blog about travel, think Europe travel, Asia travel, travel with toddlers/kids/teens/seniors/pets/wheelchair, affordable vacations, weekend trips, or be the expert of your place.

I’ve seen many travel blogs focusing on just a country, or even a city, and they’re doing extremely well creating their own blue oceans.

There are many factors that will affect on how you choose your niche. It can be your hobby, something you are good at, something you love to talk about, etc. Be wise and choose the one that you can pour your heart into, and don’t go after trends.

Be THE trend!

4. Should I invest money on travel blogging?

It depends how far you want to go with your blog.

If you just blog for the sake of sharing and connecting with like-minded people, it’s OK to opt to free options out there.

However, if you aim to become a professional travel blogger and monetise from your blog, you have to invest.

A proper .com URL, a nice and responsive theme so that it can function on different devices, useful plugins to help boost your traffic and enhance your readers’ experience… All need money.

In the beginning, you don’t have to buy a theme that cost $70, or buy some online courses that may cost you up to $200. You can invest on them later, when you can see some steady income from your blog.

I switched from GoDaddy to SiteGround after scoring my very first sponsored post. I also bought a theme called Raspberry on Theme Forest (which cost only $30 at that time) for my blog, but now switched to Ashe (free version) + Elementor Pro for more than a year ($49 per year). For pictures, I opted to Ivory Mix.

Life is too short to search for license-free photos on the internet.

5. For how long until I can make money from my travel blog?

Again, it depends on what niche you’re are in.

For some bloggers, it took them only 6 months to see money rolling in.

For me, it was one full year until I scored my first sponsored post. And thing just happened.

As far as I can say, if you’re building a nice blog with great niche, a steady number of engaged audience who truly enjoy following you and what you wrote, it will take shorter time to monetise.

BUt keep in mind, shorter time doesn’t mean less work! You cannot just create a website, post like ten articles, and call it a day! Nope, that’s not how you will make money from travel blogging.

Work hard is the keyword.

6. But how? Is is easy/difficult?

This is how you can make money as a travel blogger.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you the exact answer for the latter question. It’s both easy and difficult at the same time, if you need an answer.

It’s difficult because by the end of the day, it’s making money. Making money is very easy, said no one ever! Well, unless you are of of the Kardashians.

It’s easy because if you compare making money from your travel blog (i.e. something you enjoy doing) with making money doing something else that you may not really enjoy, then it makes it feel way easier, right?

7. Can I make a living from my travel blog?

It depends on how you define ‘make a living” and “income”. If you already have a full income from a normal job, then $1000 extra per month is perfect. But if you rely on your blog to generate income, make sure you can earn at least $40.000/year from it.

Moreover, making money from travel blog is not as stable as your monthly salary. The more you’re into the world of blogging, the more you’ll see that some months you may earn big bucks, and other months you can just barely make ends meet.

I know some fellow bloggers who can earn like $5000/month. But hey, it’s not easy money.

Nobody will ever pay you that much money for some random status on a round-five-hundreds-likes Facebook page or for several pictures on an about-one-thousand-followers Instagram account.

So, before thinking about how to make money online, I recommend you focus on TWO things: Create great content. And by great, I mean GREAT, AND build up your community, your tribe of loyal readers.

Then things will start to roll in.

I hope this article with answer some of the most FAQs you may have on the way to become a professional travel blogger!

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