How to spend money in Paris?

Đọc bài viết bằng tiếng Việt tại đây.

Travel tips Paris might be a popular keyword when it comes to preparing for your trip in the city of lights.

Yet I bet you’ve never seen anything like how to spend… a lot of money to travel in a city. Then this article is here for you!

Flight tickets & accommodation

This was the first and definitely the last time I booked any flight with RyanAir! Our tickets Oslo (Rygge) – Paris (Beauvais) – Oslo cost 1,015 NOK ≈ 110€. It was not the best price we had as my guy wanted to travel back to Oslo ASAP to work on Monday, while had I booked it 2 days later it would have cost only half price!

Our hotel room was booked via It was not located in the very centre, yet well connected with Paris’ public transportation system as it’s close to Gare de l’Est. Accommodation for 4 days 3 nights 2 pax was 2,412 NOK ≈ 260€.

Don’t forget the problem here: transportation from Oslo city centre to Rygge Airport, then from Beauvais to Paris city centre and vice versa. I forgot how much it cost to go to Rygge from Oslo. However, the price for shuttle bus from Beauvais – Paris was 15.9 € per person (one-way). Then x 4 times ≈ 64€.

So far we spent approx. 450€ for flight tickets, shuttle bus tickets, and accommodation.

Eating in Paris

Our first dinner in Paris was at an Italian restaurant close to Montmartre hill. It was highly recommended on many travel sites, so we gave it a try. The food was, luckily, delicious. We ordered spaghetti alla marinara & spaghetti aglio e olio, which cost 40€.

The next day we visited Musée Air + Espace and had lunch at its restaurant. It was one of the best meals we’ve ever eaten, which was a super hamburger set for him and beefsteak for me, with appetizer and dessert of course, and cost also ca. 40€.

After these 2 luxurious meals, the next days we just bought food from local supermarkets, some pizzerias and went for McDonald’s. We had 6 meals x 20€ for two ≈ 120€.

For eating in Paris, we spent ca. 200€.


Although I would love to visit Le Louvre, climb the Eiffel Tower, have a cruise ship along the Seine, etc., we didn’t do any of them simply because we hadn’t booked any tickets in advance. Of course we could wait there to buy tickets, but the queuing line was soooooo long that I finally gave up. The one and only museum we visited was Musée Air + Espace as my husband is an airplane geek! He paid for museum’s tickets which were not cheap, as I could say.

We spent 8.5€/pax to climb the bell towers of Notre Dame de Paris. We spent more money on souvenirs at Le Louvre, coffee at Les Deux Magots, transportation, post cards, snacks for me, bus to and from Rygge (in Oslo), etc.

For this section we might have spent ca. 200€ in total.

– in early June (not high season, no special event)
– 4 days 3 nights
– “cheap” flight tickets from RyanAir
– accommodation via
– 2 luxurious meals & 1 morning coffee at Les Deux Magots
– visited only Musée Air + Espace & climbed the bell towers of Notre Dame de Paris
– for other places, either we skipped them or they were free (free: Sacre Cœur and Notre Dame de Paris, skip: Le Louvre, Eiffel Tower…)

… cost approx. 850€. Definitely the best way to spend a lot of money in the city of lights!

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