What to Pack for Europe

What to Pack for Europe

Having the right travel gear is incredibly important for any trip, especially if you are visiting Europe from a different continent. Save yourself time and money by getting all of the necessary items prior to arriving at your destination. Some of the items I consider non-negotiable:

COMFORTABLE SHOES — I consider proper walking shoes to be the most important packing item for Europe. The last thing you want is to be mid-trip, with torn up feet, and out of options. Trust me, I’ve been there. My shoe recommendation is not the least expensive option on the market, but it’s definitely the best. You can wear them all day everyday for weeks straight and not once will your feet hurt. They are the only shoes I have ever found that are this way (and trust me, I have tested out a lot). Just imagine being on your once in a lifetime trip, able to run around from sun up to sun down without a worry. That alone makes them worth every penny! I also love them because of their versatility. You can wear them with anything — jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses, anything! If they’re in stock in your size, get them while you still can. Click here to see the latest prices and availability.

For more shoe recommendations, click here for my current favorites (updated weekly).

BODYSUITS — If you haven’t already given into the bodysuit craze, now is the time! They are so comfortable, easy to throw on, and so perfect for travel because you don’t have to worry about adjusting your clothes ever while wearing one. There’s currently nothing I love wearing more. Click here to see my current favorites (updated weekly).

DRESSES — I love dresses for travel because you can so quickly throw it on and go. My favorite places to shop for dresses are here, here, here, and here. For cheaper options, I like here, and here. The cheaper sites can take a little more digging to find the good quality stuff, but sometimes it’s worth it!

I also really love skirts, especially the current midi skirt trend. Click here to see my current favorites.

LIGHTWEIGHT TRAVEL CARDIGAN — This circle cardigan is honestly one of the best travel-related purchases you can make. It is so warm and soft; I’ve brought mine on every single trip since purchasing my first (I now own many). It’s fantastic for literally everything: you can wear it during the day, out to dinner, on transit days, while hotel lounging, anywhere and everywhere! This is the number one top seller on my site every single month because it is truly the best. Click here to see the latest prices and color options.

CASHMERE WRAP — Another top seller on ckanani.com every single month is this oversized cashmere wrap. It’s something I personally carry in my bag every single day, whether I’m on the road or back at home in San Francisco. If you haven’t already noticed, I love versatility. I’d rather pay a little more for something high quality that’ll last a little longer and also work in a few different ways. I bet you’re a bit like me, so this is a must. You can wear it as a scarf, as a wrap when you find yourself at a surprisingly cold restaurant or flight, as a blanket, and more. I can’t tell you how many times this thing has saved me. Click here to see the latest prices and availability.

SUNGLASSES — Of course! I cannot believe I am about to say this but I’ve found a very cheap brand I recommend. Why is that shocking? Because I absolutely hate cheap sunglasses. I used to be a total sunglass snob and only buy $400 Saint Laurent, Dior, or Chanel sunglasses because the cheap ones feel horrible and don’t actually protect. Until now!! This brand I found on Amazon is under $15/pair and is shockingly impressive. I’ve bought four pairs so far. Click here for my favorite all black aviators, here for my rimless aviators, and here for my square ones.

LEATHER TOTE — I never, ever, ever travel without my leather zipper tote. It holds so much yet never feels as heavy as other bags! I even like it more than my Louis Vuitton Neverfull which cost 5X as much. There are a handful of popular bags that look similar to this one but the quality of this is unmatched. I’ve used mine every single day for 3+ years and it still looks perfect. Click here to check it out.

Traveling with a camera? Click here for the most stylish camera bags for women!

For nighttime or if you’re light traveler during the day too, I highly recommend this convertible clutch. It can be used as a wallet, a clutch, a crossbody bag, or a belt bag. The versatility is huge and it’s such a beautiful piece. I also love the design because unlike most similar bags, your cards and money won’t be loosely placed inside the bag, but actually attached to it. How’s that for secure?! Click here to see the latest prices and color options.

SKINCARE — Do not neglect your skin while traveling! I still can’t believe this exists, but Dermstore has a set with over $200 of professional skincare products for $49.99. I have purchased four so far, that’s how good it is. It contains every single step of a proper skincare routine: cleanser, exfoliant (2), antioxidant serum, hyaluronic acid serum, eye cream, SPF, and face oil. The oil alone costs $80 in the same size if bought individually. Mind blowing! They mentioned to me that there’s only a small number of the sets left so stock up if you find it’s still in stock. It’s great not just for travel but for at home too! Click here to check availability.

For more skincare and beauty recommendations, click here to follow me on Instagram @skincarethatilike.

GOLD LAYERING JEWELRY — Layering jewelry from SHOP CKANANI specifically. It’s my own shop so I’m a bit biased, of course, but hear me out. I’ve always loved jewelry but was tired of spending $60 on a necklace that would tarnish after 2-3 wears so I started making my own. I hand make them in my San Francisco apartment of incredibly high quality, primarily gold filled materials.

Gold filled items are great because they contain 100+ times (!) more real gold than gold plated items. An item being gold filled means that there is an actual layer of gold pressure bonded to another metal, making it much more valuable, durable, and tarnish resistant. This means it’s also perfect for everyday wear and for travel! Because who wants to spend their trip taking their jewelry on and off constantly? Not me!

After sharing pictures of necklaces and bracelets on my Instagram story, I finally gave in to the requests asking me to start selling my creations. And that’s how SHOP CKANANI was born! I’d really love and appreciate your support, especially if you’ve found the info in this post helpful 🙂 Click here to see current availability.

HAIR ACCESSORIES — The easiest way to spice up a look with very minimal effort! Click here to see my current favorites (updated weekly).

HATS — Another great way to spice up a look, plus it’s a fantastic photo prop and can cover up a bad hair day. Click here to see my current favorites (updated weekly).

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