Why do I travel blog?

It has been three years since I started this travel blog, yet sometimes I still got question asking me why I started it at first place.

So, if you’re considering about starting a travel blog, or if you’re a blogger now but still unsure whether you should follow this path, or even if you’re just curious about the story behind my blog, welcome, welcome! I wrote this blog post for YOU!

Why do I travel blog?

(And why YOU should start a travel blog ASAP!)

Why start a travel blog

1. To keep my travel memories alive

If you could ask every single travel blogger why they started their travel blog in the beginning, I bet the most common answers would be to keep track of their travel memories and/or to update their travels with their friends and family.

We can remember things in detail for maximum a couple of years. Then the memories will fade out, and all we can remember will be like, “Yeah, I travelled to that place during summer many years ago!”

And that’s it!

Unless you’re a genius who can remember everything that happened in your life, most of us normal people cannot.

I started my travel blog in 2011 at ngocquyentrekker.wordpress.com, and my very first blog post was about pizza! Then I wrote more blog posts about my experiences with food and my travels in Vietnam.

It all started with the simplest idea of keeping my memories fresh and alive!

2. To share my feelings and connect with people

Besides the main idea of keeping memories, blogging is also a way for me to share my feelings and connect with like-minded people – two important needs of human beings.

We human always have the need to connect with other people to exchange food, goods, information, to create our tribes, to fight against bigger enemies, etc.

It hasn’t changed much ever since.

Thời buổi internet cũng không khác là mấy, có chăng thay vì đốt mấy cột khói báo hiệu có biến thì bạn có thể vào thẳng các trang hóng biến nổi nhất Facebook mà cập nhật thông tin cho lẹ.

Every time I write something a share it with my readers, there’re always people saying that that’s exactly what they want at the moment.

That feeling is awesome!

3. To express myself

I kick-stared my freelancing since 2012, became a columnist for at least two magazines in Vietnam years after, and have turned it into one of my income streams.

But you know, writing for somebody else is something very different from writing for yourself.

When you write for someone else, you cannot fully express yourself through your writing. There are rules and guidelines to follow, and editors to edit, or even rewrite what you’ve just written! All these things can be really frustrating!

I remember how disappointed I was when the designers of one of the biggest travel magazine in Vietnam just swapped my photos taken in Spoleto (Italy) by photos of some unknown towns found on the internet without my consent.

And the editor had no idea whatsoever.

And the reason? Just because that designer thought those photos were better than mine!


Three years later, they did the same thing: Changing my photos of Preikestolen (in Stavanger, Norway) for some of Trolltunga (Odda, Norway) using the same reason!

I mean…

The moment I looked at my article about travelling in Stavanger with a stunning photo of Trolltunga in the middle of the layout, I knew that was it!

I just had to start a travel blog of my own where I can write almost whatever I want, post my photos even though they’re ugly AF, and more important, where I can be myself.

4. To learn new skills

Before starting my travel blog, I couldn’t believe that one day I actually can start a travel blog.

I mean I’m not tech-savvy, I have no education in IT or computer science or whatever, I’m even not that interested in IT. I had no idea.

But since I started with my blog, I also started to learn new skills all the time.

I learned how to use Lightroom, how to do email marketing, SoMe marketing, sales technique… I even managed to learn to code with CSS and HTML – things I am quite proud of now.

5. To build my portfolio

For freelancers or people working in the creative industries, having a strong (visual) portfolio – where you can showcase your awesome works – is crucial.

For me as a freelance writer, a travel blog is the place where editors can find my previous articles featured on famous women and travel magazines in Vietnam, or companies can see what I can do with inbound and content marketing.

Without the help of a nice travel blog, that could be quite difficult them to see what I can do and for me to show them what I’ve done and what I’m good at.

And recently, I’ve just scored my new job thank to this blog. My manager, during the interview, said that he took a look at my travel blog and was quite impressed with what I’ve done to my side hustle.

Pretty cool, huh?

6. To make money online

There’s nothing wrong to start a travel blog to make money online.

You spend your times and money travelling, taking photos, writing guides and articles, and tons of other unnamed jobs to have a travel blog up and go.

You deserve the money for all that hard work. Jesus!

I decided to write this blog post just for the sake of answering my readers. However, I’m a true believer of the “just do it” attitude. Because sometimes you actually don’t need any flipping reason to start a travel blog!

Wish you all the best in travel blogging!

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